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Hello, I am a BIM Manager from Toronto with a Bachelor's in Architectural Science from Ryerson University. Architecture fascinates me. The desire to explore the links between architecture and computer science formed my interests and desires to express myself both creatively and scientifically.

Functional and technical aspects of design are important for bringing ideas forward. With passion, I have improved my abilities in 3D visualization, modeling, rendering, and coding. The thrill in problem-solving drove me to participate in Arduino built interactive art, which focuses on digital fabrication and responsive design.

The technical aspects in which I indulge aid me, not only in communicating my design but rationalizing architectural moves and providing numerical values for which I quantify their impacts using BIM softwares such as Revit. Those impacts include heat gain, heat loss, energy generation or visual effect of architectural moves. 


The true functionality of art and design is what drives the growth of a city, where every corner is exciting and eclectic. During my journey to understanding architecture, I travelled, worked and studied abroad which trained my eyes toward both macro and micro scale details and the effect it has.


I am equipped with passion, experience, and skills, while seeking opportunities in working in the architectural field, both in Canada or abroad. Feel free to check my portfolio and CV. Contact me and let's talk about opportunities. 


Toronto, Ontario

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