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Driven by the concept of ease of assembly and adaptability, E[MERGE] delivers a diverse emergency shelter for families in distress from natural disasters. Most emergency shelters are delivered to their designated site and are left there permanently, in which they are discarded. E[MERGE] gives as much attention to its present life as it does to its future life. The shelter would be delivered in an easily transferable compact package, where the interlocking panels would connect like a puzzle. Being prefabricated with identical 2x6 wood boards that comprise the structure, the structure can be just as easily disassembled as it is assembled. These alternating boards create modular panels which are connected to each other through a hinge, allow the structure to take on many shapes and combine itself with other of its type to expand. To further strengthen this, as well as addressing issues such as noise, insects, and enclosure, materials such as canvas cloth or mosquito nets can be attached on the side of each modular panel. Thus, different materials can be used in different regions to properly respond to their respective climates. 

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