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Etobicoke: Residential

Based on the corner of Lakeshore Blvd W and Islington Ave. This building is a commercial residential mixed-used building that explores the use of wood and also maintaining and restoring a portion of a historical building that can be integrated into the podium allowing the contrast between old and new through the use of double-envelope entrance. 

This site can be looked at as “the new center of New Toronto” as it is very central to the district and has a radius that can be walkable from near by houses. This new center can also be accessible through transit. A mixed use Residential and Commercial building is to be proposed on this site accommodating large families and young couples. The views from this site make this building’s development even more unique and special. The historical preservation of this site is important as it was the place of the few first post offices in the area. Historical preservation faces many challenges as they are not clarified in the zoning bylaw and there is no direct recipe to handle a historical site. This building can be exemplar to what historical preservation means to New Toronto as the techniquw can be applied to many sites that exist in this district. 

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