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Suzhou's Family Market

Initial design of the project was based on a combination of residential and commercial living. This project is inspired when visiting Nanluoguxiang, this multipurpose building embodies family run businesses with storefront being located at ground level and housing units on level above. The building is divided into three main cores, which consists of fire exit, elevator, washroom, laundry, etc. Envelope of the building is constructed of open wood panels and operable windows, allowing for free airflow through the day. In addition, the building is to provide open street front feel throughout each level with its open pathway all around. Each of the cells is offset every three meters to highlight the change in program, which also creates meandering path and permits daylight throughout the day. 

Family business vary throughout the building from cafe, gallery, plant shop, calligraphy shop, paint lounge, etc. This is not only enables various activities, but also invites diverse public to the building. In addition, the pathway on levels above enables further public interaction. Furthermore, the housing units consist of mini gardens, either in the balconies or inside to provide natural atmosphere to family’s living condition. 

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